Bộ Điều Khiển Sạc Năng Lượng Mặt Trời 30A-12V / 24V LCD có USB

It is a device that performs the function of regulating the battery’s charge, protects the battery against overloading and over-discharge to enhance the life of the battery, and helps the solar system to use effectively. fruit and fruit

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Voltage can be displayed and checked.

The results and status of each monitoring parameter can be automatically displayed in turn (auto scan).

Drift charging voltage can also be set, which can be specially applied to charge and discharge at the same time, flexible battery voltage control.

Various charging and discharging parameters can be flexibly adjusted, suitable for various types of batteries, such as lithium batteries. Both old and new batteries may apply.

LCD display screen with wide temperature range with pictures displaying graphic icons




1. Using the PWM charging mode can extend battery life and improve system performance.

2. With temperature compensation function, it can adjust charging and discharging parameters automatically.

3. Has the function of overcharge protection, discharge protection, overload protection, short circuit protection,

Battery anti-reverse connection protection, and anti-reverse charging protection.

4. Has the function of automatic error replication and locking.

5. Equipped with two DC quick interface, it is more convenient for users to connect small electrical loads.

Technical specifications



Operating voltage

12V / 24V Auto detect

Rated charging current


Rated load current


Working temperature

-20 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃

Dimensions (D × R × C)

150 × 78 × 35 mm

Battery type

Can choose

Pressure discharge protection

* 10.7V / 21.4V (Selectable)

Pressure return discharge load

* 12.6V / 25.2V (Selectable)

Pressure drifting

13.7V / 27.4V, Selectable







Touch screen for pwm 20a with 2 USB

Connect the screen to the solar panel charge controller



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