Hệ Thống Điện Năng Lượng Mặt Trời Độc Lập COMBO 100W

· When power is cut, there is still electricity.
· Independent of the national grid, it can be used for mobile applications.

3.600.000 3.200.000

Thanh toán ngay


Applications:  Households, farms, health stations, ranger stations, schools, motels, eco resorts … where there is no electricity or electricity is interrupted, or there is a power outage.

Principle diagram :


Principle of operation:

Solar panels solar panel : When the sun panels will convert sunlight into energy direct current (DC). This current flows through the charge controller to charge the battery

Solar Charge Controller charge control : When the battery is full, it will automatically stop charging and when the battery is too exhausted, it will not load DC power to protect the battery and extend the life of the battery. When the battery voltage drops, the controller will automatically recharge until it is full.

Power Inverter size: C ó functional power converter DC from the battery into AC sine 220VAC / 50Hz for use with AC loads. The total capacity of AC loads must always be less than the maximum capacity of INVERTER. Especially for AC loads with large starting currents such as pumps, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc., the capacity of   INVERTER  must usually be 2 to 3 times higher than the nominal capacity of these loads.​


Samyoung inverter 100W



(Including the following devices – Prices and specifications of the device are subject to change without notice)

Power device name Technical data Amount Guarantee
POLY solar panels 100W first 10 years
Controller loaded solar battery 12V – 10A first 6 months
Battery 12V – 50AH first 6 months
INVERTER 12V – 100W first 3 months
Time used in 1 day 5 – 7 h
Origin Indochina International Company – SOLARCITY

Can be used for the following devices (Not included in the quotation)

Device name Power (W) Amount Power Consumption
Super bright led bulbs 5W 4 20W
Fan 40W first 40W
Total power consumption in the hour 60Wh

Utilities that solar power brings:

– Solar does not require any fuel, completely free and practical.

– Help you save money on electricity for your family monthly.

– Create an independent, clean and green power source.

– Supplying continuous and stable power.

The use of solar power as a local energy source instead of traditional forms of energy not only contributes to saving electricity for the family, reducing the growing demand for energy for the country, but also contribute to economic development and ensure national energy security.



· When there is a power cut, there is electricity.

· Independent of the national grid, it can be used for mobile applications.


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