Motor Tua Bin Gió Solarcity 100Kw


– Easy to install

– Small size and light weight

– Using high

– tech materials – 20-year service life

400.000.000 399.999.000

Thanh toán ngay

Characteristics   MOTOR GENERATORS wind turbines SolarCity

– Low startup speed, use high wind energy

– Get the correct voltage

– Easy to install, pipe or connecting flanges are optional

– Blades use new precision injection molding technology, suitable for the optimal shape and aerodynamic structure to enhance the use of wind energy.

– Permanent magnet generator with special stator, effectively reducing torque

– Small size and light weight: 30% smaller than conventional

– Using high-tech materials and do not worry after using for a long time.

–  Device life 20 years   

Parameters  MOTOR GENERATORS wind turbines SolarCity -100KW 

– Model: 10050kGP-SC

– Rated power: 100 Kw

– Rated output voltage: DC 380V / 420V

– Speed ​​of rotation: 60 r / m

– Bearings: HRB

– Shaft material: Stainless steel

– Shell material: Aluminum alloy

– Generator type: Three-phase permanent magnet synchronous generator

– Working temperature: From -40 ℃ to 80 ℃

– Equipment life: 20 years

– Weight: 100 kg


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